Emanuel Pleitez for
Los Angeles Mayor

Emanuel Pleitez Makes Endorsement for LA Mayor: Vote Eric Garcetti

On May 21st, Emanuel Alberto Pleitez, former mayoral candidate for Los Angeles, will cast his ballot in support of Eric Garcetti for LA Mayor. Putting aside all political rivalries, Pleitez chose the candidate with the best qualities and experience to lead Los Angeles forward to prosperity. Eric Garcetti’s strong beliefs in technological innovation, pension reform, and his strong base of grassroots support best represents the spirit and mission of the Emanuel Pleitez for LA Mayor 2013 primary campaign. Angelinos— Vote May 21st for Eric Garcetti!

Pleitez & staff see best & worst of LA, prove LA is owed more

Today was a true test of what one man’s determination and dedication can do. Not only did Emanuel Alberto Pleitez put in 21 miles over his 100 mile goal, but he also gathered a group of leaders to run and bike with him across the city of Los Angeles. 

Emanuel and the run team showed up for Day Six of Emanuel’s 100 mile race across Los Angeles with a look of determination on their faces. Before the 1:00 P.M. run-start the staff talked to voters, trained volunteers on the how-tos of GOTV, and prepped for Election Day. 

Pleitez Passes 100-mile Goal on Day 5, Dances With Wife Becca, Finishes at Watts Towers

Sometime around the 10-mile marker, Emanuel Pleitez, candidate running for mayor, stopped in his tracks, grabbed his wife Rebecca, and started dancing in front of a cantina in Crenshaw. Day Five of Pleitez’ 100-mile journey on foot and bike across LA sent him from Loyola Marymount University to Watts Towers, across most of South Los Angeles. 

On his way to Watts Towers Emanuel, his staff, and volunteers had a chance to talk with families and to inform voters who did not know they had options outside of current City Hall members. As the run/bike team moved down Crenshaw Avenue, passing cars honked and cheered in support, with most turning around to pick up signs and posters from the Pleitez Run Van. Hundreds of posters, signs, and pins have been donated by supporters over the past weeks. 

Pleitez Motivates Eastside of LA While Volunteers Pump Mayoral Campaign Full Of Support

What kicked off in Emanuel’s childhood El Sereno home and an interview with Univision, turned into a fun day with families in a Ramona Garden’s farmers market and watching the sunset during a 22-mile bike ride.

Mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez, his staff, and a group of volunteers ran 4 miles from his El Sereno home, across Ramona Gardens, and ending at the campaign’s HQ in Boyle Heights.

Pleitez Runs Alongside New Friends While Running Into Life-long Ones

Today a very valuable lesson was learned: a few oranges and bananas, sunblock, and a whole lot of motivation makes an 15-mile run and 3-mile bike-ride from Giffith Park to El Sereno one of the best adventures an Angeleno can have. 

Emanuel Pleitez, candidate running for mayor of Los Angeles, his staff, and volunteers started Day 3 of his 100-mile city wide race at Griffith Park at 7:00 AM. From the very beginning of the day the Pleitez run team saw support from the community. Anthony, a Hollywood resident disilusioned by the city’s leadership and City Hall’s corruption, joined for the first three miles of the run.

Pleitez inspires 16-mile stretch of LA while staff covers the Valley

Emanuel Alberto Pleitez completed his second day of the 6-day long, 100-mile trek across Los Angeles. Covering a total of 16 miles, Emanuel started at the Lakeview Terrace Library in Sylmar and ended at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The native Angeleno crossed most of the Valley and other portions of Hollywood in the process. 

After only two days Emanuel has completed a little more than a third of his 100-mile goal - crossing the 36 mile mark earlier today.

Before today’s journey, Emanuel was interviewed on KFWB News Radio 980AM and then was the keynote speaker at a Latin/African American Chaplains Association (L.A.C.A.) event, where he also received the organization’s endorsement.

Pleitez runs/bikes across LA - Day 1

Emanuel Alberto Pleitez, candidate running for mayor of Los Angeles, completed the first of his 6-day trek as he runs and bikes across Los Angeles. 

Emanuel started at Canoga Park and ran across Winnetka, Reseda, Lake Balboa, Van Nuys, Panorama City, North Hills and Mission Hills, ending at Mestizo Restaurant, for a total of 20.9 miles. The original plan called for 15 miles for Day 1, however Emanuel raised the bar and added 5 more. 

Pleitez gives specifics at LALWV, ABC7 mayoral debate

Emanuel Pleitez, candidate running for mayor of LA, participated in the Los Angeles League of Women Voters on February 18th, 2013. He started strong, “I want to be mayor because I’m tired of the status quo.”

Emanuel wants to capitalize on our potential - creativity, diversity, technology, hard working people - so that we can be as innovative and foreward thinking as we should be. 

Pleitez Meets Author Ron Moss While Canvassing, Reaffirms Focus on Education

The concept of community fails without communication, empowerment, and action. Emanuel Alberto Pleitez, candidate running for mayor of Los Angeles understand this reality. He has dedicated his campaign to providing a platform for all citizens of Los Angeles to express their concerns and desires by personally door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and visiting local businesses and organizations throughout the city.

In early February, while reaching out to Arleta residents, Emanuel was fortunate enough to cross paths with Mr. Ron Moss - a published writer and local community activist. For sure, the city is short of everything except writers. Not too many of them, if any, have published a book as a functioning illiterate.

"Which?": Kevin James TV Commercial to Air from Special Interest SuperPAC

Better Way LA, the SuperPAC backing conservative radio personality Kevin James in his bid for Los Angeles mayor, is slated to air a TV advertisement called “Which?” The premise of the video commercial is that the city’s impending bankruptcy is due to the poor decisions made by Councilman Eric Garcetti, Controller Wendy Greuel, and Councilwoman Perry in their years on the inside of LA City Hall.

The advertisement claims that “only Kevin James” can solve the city’s financial woes to prevent bankruptcy. In fact, Emanuel Pleitez is the only candidate running for mayor with the business executive and economic policy experience to solve LA’s economic problems. He is the only candidate with a policy driven plan to reform pension and rescue the city from the brink of bankruptcy. Read his plan here: http://bit.ly/EPbudgetand http://bit.ly/EPpensions.

Mayoral candidate Garcetti backed by SuperPAC

It wasn’t long ago that Councilman Garcetti asked Controller Greuel and James to sign the People’s Pledge, which asks candidates to donate 50% of outside fundraising to a charity. Since they didn’t sign it, he did not either. 

Now, with three weeks left before the March 5th primaries, Councilman Garcetti is backed by a SuperPAC of his own. 

Sadly, the outside expenditures simply blur and dilute the essence of what municipal politics should be about – voter outreach, coming up with innovative solutions, and engaging the community. 

Pleitez’ Vision for Los Angeles Combines Impact Investment & Technology

The communities in the South and East sides of LA, and the East Valley have shown the capacity to boom when the proper investment is provided. Los Angeles needs a mayor who not only recognizes this, but has the expertise and feels the urgency to make it happen. In the upcoming Los Angeles mayoral election, you have the opportunity to choose that mayor, and his name is Emanuel Pleitez.

One of the most promising industries to fuel this kind of boom is technology. Talks of a rising “Silicon Beach” have inspired the same kind of hope that the tire and airplane factories once did. Los Angeles has the assets to foster growth in this industry. Academic powerhouses like USC, CalTech, and UCLA can be feeders into tech companies. The entertainment industry can provide a cross-disciplinary and uniquely Angeleno twist to “Silicon Beach”. The creativity and innovation of Angelenos provide fuel and the final piece in this puzzle.

Los Angeles Deserves a Spanish Language Mayoral Debate

Los Angeles embodies the ideals of progress, innovation and setting trends. As the second largest city in the country, the city’s leadership and its residents have a responsibility to push for a way of life that might not be feasible for other cities. 

Because of this, we ask you to consider one thing - by time March 5th rolls around we will have seen more than 30 mayoral debates. All of them in English. Does that seem innovative, progressive, or trend-setting?

It’s time for the city of Los Angeles to embrace its diversity. City, mayoral candidates, and individuals, let’s come together and host the first-ever mayoral Spanish-speaking debate. 

Wendy Greuel TV commercial – Every Child – talks education but no financial vision

Below is an excerpt from a blog posted on Emanuel Pleitez’ wordpress blog discussing Controller Wendy Greuel’s plans to be a mayor for “every school and child” while increasing the size of public safety departments with no specifics as to how either will be financed. 

Controller Greuel, who is backed by SuperPAC and special interest group Working Californians, has boiled down her campaign messaging to being a fiscal watchdog. “Every Child” shares the waste she identified in gas expenses for city vehicles and cell phone bills for city employees. 

Controller Greuel claims she will continue to be a watchdog if elected mayor and that the funds that have been wasted could have gone to schools and libraries. 

Eric Garcetti TV commercial, “Proven,” presents questionable mayoral vision

Councilman Eric Garcetti, who is the past City Hall President and now a candidate for Los Angeles mayor, released his first TV video commercial. In “Proven”, he argues that problem solving is more difficult than pointing out problems. 

He lists his accomplishments of neighborhood improvement and job growth, explaining the hard work is already done. Councilman Garcetti, who has spent close to twelve years in City Hall, then presents his focus if elected mayor:

  • Picking up phones
  • Filling potholes
  • Picking up trash

As understandable as small goals may be, don’t Angelenos deserve more out a politician who has spent most of his professional life working within City Hall walls? Do we not deserve a vision for public service that reaches higher than the most basic of city services?